Why A Lawyer?

Building a team of professionals to support you through your real estate transaction is essential. Let me explain why a lawyer is an important step towards success.

3 Steps to Reduce Your Mortgage

Don’t pay your mortgage for 25 years. Take control of your payment options to build equity and save money over the life of your Mortgage.
Barb recommends these steps to help reduce your mortgage:

Your Winning Team

Whether you are buying your first home, your next home, downsizing or looking for a vacation home, creating your winning team to help you buy your home is an important step towards success.

Borrowing From Your RRSP’s

With the Federal Government’s Home Buying Plan, First Time Home Buyers can borrow up to $35,000 of their RRSP savings to help finance their downpayment on a home. Learn more here:

Condo or House

Ready to buy a home but can’t decide between a condo and a house? You’re not alone – Here are some things to consider.

Homeowners Assistance

Sometimes, life happens and you are faced with unexpected events which may put your mortgage at risk. Rather than allowing your finances and home become part of your stress, reach out for assistance