Barb Pinsent is an experienced and very knowledgeable Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker who has provided mortgage solutions in various situations and makes sure her clients’ needs and well-being are looked after when making the biggest purchase of your life.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Find out how much you can afford before you go house hunting! Securing mortgage pre-approval will help you target homes in your price range, and you’ll be able to make an offer right away. If you qualify for a Fort McMurray mortgage pre-approval, you’ll secure a guarantee rate for a specific window of time and know exactly the size of mortgage for which you qualify.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide

Buying your first Fort McMurray home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and obviously you should be careful when buying a house. Barb’s experience working with first-time home buyers in Fort McMurray, makes her the clear choice. Barb takes pride in walking you through every step and making sure you truly understand the process.

Mortgage Renewals

Is your Fort McMurray mortgage renewal fast approach? You’re nearing an important financial milestone, and you have a decision to make. There’s no better time to explore the many innovative options and competitive rates available.  Barb Pinsent will guide you through your renewal or refinancing options and find the right fit for your needs!

We will find the right mortgage for you

Thank you for considering my Fort McMurray mortgage broker services. For most people, their home is the biggest purchase they will ever make and represents their most significant asset. A mortgage is also the largest and most cost-effective debt obligation for most homeowners. That’s why a strategic mortgage plan is so important. The right mortgage plan can protect you in the event of a financial downturn, save you money, build equity over time, and help you achieve your financial objectives. You don’t need just any mortgage – you need the right mortgage.

As a Fort McMurray mortgage planner, I will leverage connections with over 50 lending institutions, including national banks, credit units, trusts, financial institutions, and alternative lenders. I will evaluate your financial picture and long-term goals to build a comprehensive mortgage plan fully customized to your needs. Whether you are:

  • Purchasing your first home;
  • Buying your next home;
  • Investing in property;
  • Buying a vacation property or second home;
  • Refinancing to improve cash flow and reduce debt;
  • Accessing equity to finance a home renovation;
  • Consolidating debt to simplify your financial picture;
  • Seeking a non-traditional mortgage; or,
  • Exploring options for mortgage renewal.

Since my business is built primarily through referrals from satisfied customers right here in Fort McMurray, your positive mortgage experience means everything! Your mortgage is a big decision – perhaps the biggest financial decision you will make – and it’s also a powerful financial tool. It is my passion to guide aspiring homeowners just like you fulfill their dreams with a little help from the right mortgage solution.

Let’s work together to achieve your financial and homeownership goals!


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The COVID-19 virus is affecting people and their employment across Canada and many are making tough decisions on the future of their mortgage. If you are considering deferring, please ask you lender about your insurance premiums.

Deferring Mortgage Payments

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